How to Use a Comb Binding Machine

Published: 08th December 2011
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A comb binding machine is a common type of binding machine that is used to create professional looking books and documents. Comb binding machines are used by print shops, offices, schools, churches and other organizations to bind stacks of papers together, by punching holes at fixed intervals and inserting a comb into the holes to create a spine. Comb binding machines are used to create cook books, journals, quarterly reports, proposals, workbooks, notebooks and pre-published manuscripts.

This type of binding machine gets its name because the binding material has teeth, like a hair comb. Binding combs are available in various colors and widths to match the color scheme and the thickness of the document. The binding combs are usually made from plastic so they are easy to position, and easy to trim to accommodate smaller books. The plastic binding combs have 19 total loops that attach to the sheets along the left margin. One benefit comb binding machines offer over coil binding machines is the ability to easily add and remove pages from a book that is already bound.

Before you use the comb binding machine you have to verify that you have the right size of machine. There are several different types, sizes and varieties of comb binding machines that are designed for low, medium and high-volume use. If you have a larger book to bind then you need to use a high-volume comb binding machine, such as the Tahsin 213PB Combination Comb Binding Machine (, that is able to punch holes through thicker stacks of paper, otherwise you will lose valuable time performing extra punches.

Another consideration when you are using a comb binding machine is whether you are using one with an electric hole punch or a manual hole punch. Both manual and electric hole punches have their pros and cons when it comes to performance. There is little difference when you are only punching through a creating a few documents. However, if your tasks involve punching holes into dozens of documents on a regular basis then it would probably be a good idea to use an electric comb binding machine, like the Intelli-Bind IB850 Electric Comb Binding Machine ( Manual punching involves repeatedly pressing down on a bar that sends the punches through the paper. This repetitive motion can cause fatigue on the operator over time.

To use a comb binding machine, you just have to follow a few simple steps.

Step 1: Begin by adjusting the margins and guides on the comb binding machine to match the dimensions of the pages being bound. Punch a test sheet to make sure everything is properly aligned.

Step 2: Organize the sheets of paper so they are in order. Be sure to include the cover sheet and back cover page. Once the book is compiled, separate the sheets into sections for punching. Itís recommend that you punch fewer sheets than the machine so you donít overwork the machine and reduce its life.

Step 3: Next, place the papers on to the machine so the edges match up. Be sure to keep the pages in order as you add them and remove them from the machine. Once the pages are aligned either push the button to activate the electric punch or pull down on the manual punch lever.

Step 4: Once the holes have been punched, remove the section of paper and place it on the holding section to you can keep them in order until youíre ready to apply the comb. Repeat this process until all the pages in the document have had holes punched through the margin. Be sure to align each stack the same way on the binding machine so the holes line up. If the pages are off by even a fraction it will create an awkward looking bind.

Step 5: Once you have punched holes in the entire document youíre ready to apply the comb and finish the binding process. Open the comb and place the opened comb fingers through the punched holes of the document to be bound, or spread the comb open by turning the knob at the back of the machine. Close the comb and remove the book from the machine.

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