SircleBind WR-60 Manual Wire Binding Machine Review

Published: 16th January 2012
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Wire binding machines are a very useful tool for companies or organizations that are looking for alternatives to save money and time by binding their own reports, proposals, journals or other print media. Wire binding machines are manufactured in a wide variety of models that are designed to handle a spectrum from loads, from light use to heavy volume use. It is recommended that purchasers evaluate their binding needs prior to purchase so that the binding machine will be able to accommodate the purchaserís book binding requirements.

If the purchaser will only have occasional use for the wire binder then it would be prudent to consider purchasing a light-use binding machine. A good option for a light-use binding machine is the SircleBind WR-60 from This manual binding machine is easy to use and maintain, thus making it a popular choice among casual binding machine users.

The WR-60 manual wire binder is simple for new or experienced users to operate. The user begins by inserting a small stack of paper into the hole-punch mechanism. The user will then adjust the sizing guides on the device to keep the paper in place as the holes are being punched. If the holes are off then it will adversely affect the binding process. The user then manually presses down on the punch lever to puncture the paper. This leaves a series of holes along the margin of the pages. The user then inserts the binding wire by rotating it through the holes, and crimping the ends of the wire. This simplicity of use adds to the appeal of the Sircle WR-60.

The SircleBind WR-60 is able to create a bound book that is 46 sheets of paper thick. The hole punch mechanism can puncture a stack of 6 sheets of paper at a time. Remember to keep the portions of the book in order during the punching process so you wonít have any pages out of order.

The SircleBind WR-60 is considered an entry level book binder, making it an ideal choice for user who have had little to no experience with operating binding equipment. It is made of rugged materials so that it will provide years of use. It also has a compact design which makes it easy to store in a drawer or cabinet between uses. This binding machine is available at an affordable price for small office, school, church or even home use.

This wire Binding Machine is the product of SircleBind Corp, which is a global office product manufacturer and distributor located in Chicago, Illinois. According to their website, SircleBind Corp delivers high quality products with superior functionality. Each of their products reflects the highest value offered in the market.

The WR-60 twin loop wire binder is well built and a cinch to operate. It is small, portable and easy to store. It doesnít require a lot of workspace and will get your smaller projects done in a snap. Considering its size and its price it produces top quality binding projects. It requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean after use. All this makes the SircleBind WR-60 a good choice for your book binding operations. has a great selection of book binding machines, including wire binders. You will find the SircleBind WR-60 Wire Binding Machine at


James I. Hill has been working with office automation equipment for several years and is very knowledgable when it comes to wire binding machines, paper shredders, twin loop wire binding supplies, laminators and shrink wrap machines.

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